Our Software Helps
victims of online harassment
to easily record, organize and delegate their case to help or justice

WitnessApp for Professionals

The Witness App in Diverse Contexts

Professionals involved in domestic or relational violence

Professionals involved in domestic or relational violence can have their clients use the app to record incidents, allowing victims to be helped more quickly and effectively.

In the workplace: The Prevention Advisor or Confidential Advisor

In the workplace, the WitnessApp can be used in the context of prevention and promoting mental well-being.

Justice, Police, Hotlines

Improve accessibility to hotlines with the use of the WitnessApp. Simplify reporting for citizens by reducing complexity and increasing awareness. Make it easy for to report stalking online.

Our four steps approach

Capture - Analyse - Manage - Delegate

Why we do what we do

One in three Belgian youngsters will one day be a victim of online hate speech or the spreading of nude images. Barely 5 percent of them find their way to help.

Our Values

We’re on a mission to craft a digital playground that’s all about making you feel safe, respected, and totally heard!
Our vibe is all about creating an online space where hate speech and harassment are a no-go zone.
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